The Teachings of Himalayas

The Science of Mudras

-By Himalayan Siddha Akshar

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The Teachings of Himalayas

The Science of Mudras

- By Himalayan Siddha Akshar

“In yoga, importance is given to one’s intelligence. The sooner one cultivates their mind for growth, the faster they will reach their goal”


This book comprising of 51 Mudra, is complied with the hope that its ease of understanding and practice will help you incorporate this amicably into your lives as a medium of everyday health. When one intends to practice these Mudra as a form of treatment, please ensure to have with you an expert who can guide you on which Mudra, how and when to practice will be most beneficial for your recovery. Through this book, the hope is to improve awareness on this amazing science and its value to human health. This is the first volume consisting of 51 Mudra techniques. The Mudra within this volume are intended for easy practice and simplicity of understanding. Once you gain a better understanding through the experience of practicing these Mudra, you will be in an optimal position to begin your journey on the upcoming volumes. We hope this book brings great benefit to your lives, gives you good health and inspires you towards strengthening your journey in Yoga and Spirituality. Prayers for your health, peace and prosperity.
Namho Himalaya

Until you have valiantly overcome difficult situations, you will never discover your true strength”

About Author

Himalayan Siddha Akshar

Deep within the flowering valleys of the Himalayan Mountain range, a remote village perched atop the mountain peaks of Himachal Pradesh is the birthplace of Akshar ji. Enveloped by the mystic powers of this spiritual land, He spent his childhood in the pursuit of knowledge hidden beneath the thick snows of these enchanted mountains. Under the tutelage of his Divine masters from a very young age, he was trained in the ways and traditions of the Himalayas. He was blessed with the divine purpose by his Sacred Guru Mandala to be a channel through which the knowledge of Yoga and spirituality would travel from the Himalayas to the world.

Himalayan Siddha Akshar ji’s Pradhan Guru, Shri NarasimhaDev Bidyapati Mahapatra who resides in Jagannath-Puri Dham is a living embodiment of divinity. He belongs to the family that has served lord Jagannath at Puri Dham from time immemorial. Bidyapathi ji blessed Akshar ji in the traditions of Siddhas and charged him with the responsibility of spreading the knowledge of the Himalayas under the Divine blessings of Lord Jagannath. Shouldering the command of his Gurus, he established his base in the southern part of India, where various institutions of Yoga bear his name as they inculcate Yogic teachings into the everyday lives of practitioners. The Akshar Yoga Research and Development Centre situated in the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence in the city of Bengaluru is dedicated to the study of Yoga and its effects on the human body. It is the centre where Master level courses are conducted and people from all parts of the globe congregate to further their study of Yogic practices. Scientists, Doctors and Master teachers collaborate to create syllabi for schools, colleges, universities and various institutions in Yoga and Spirituality.

Having established his Institutions in Southern India, Akshar ji travels across the globe to spread the message from the mountains in its pure and authentic form with the intention of helping people achieve health and perfection, to enable them to live a life of peace, bliss and contentment. Being a well versed orator, Akshar ji is an International Speaker who has guided practitioners from all parts of the world on the Yogic sciences, spirituality, Human values and all the wonderful teachings of the Maha Himalayas. Akshar ji has trained more than 20 million yoga practitioners through various online and offline platforms. He has created a community of over 3000 teachers specialising in Yoga and Spirituality who are dotted across the globe sharing their teachings with enthusiastic practitioners. He is a Spiritual Leader who has devoted his entire life to the teachings of the Himalayas. His first book, titled “Yoga Namaskar” was a detailed manuscript on the Yogic salutations offered to the 7 elements or Sapta Tattva. It reveals myriad of asanas practiced in specific formations where the physical body becomes a channel for spiritual growth.

Akshar ji believes that people everywhere have a spiritual string that tethers them to the divine source of all knowledge and all life; The Maha Himalayas. He is in the midst of building Ashrams all across the globe, dedicated to revealing ancient teachings of the Himalayas. The Pradhan Ashram, on a mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh, is surrounded by Devdar Trees and Apple orchards. Flanked by temples from a bygone era, the Ashram and will house a Yoga Shala and the Mountain Temple to Lord Jagannath. With the intention to reveal all the teachings of divine Gurus and the Maha Himalayas, sharing this knowledge with mankind is for everyone to progress on their individual paths and achieve the ultimate goal of their lives.



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